Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eating Healthy: Portion Control Tips

"How Do I Know How Much I Should Be Eating??"

I get this question a lot on my youtube channel and for good reason.  Portion sizes, whether at restaurants, fast food chains or packaged goods at the grocery store, have grown over 3 times larger in size over the past 20 years!  And that portion inflation has come with hundreds of extra, and often unnecessary, calories.

So what's a girl to do?  Here are some tips I picked up from here that show you som easy ways to practice portion control:

Each of the following represent 1 serving:

•cereal (1 c.) = a baseball

•salad dressing (2 Tbsp.) = a shot glass

•nuts (1 oz.) = a cupped palm

•cheese (1 oz.) = a ping-pong ball

•hamburger (3 oz.) = a mayo jar lid

•peanut butter (1 tsp.) = one die

•beef (3 oz.) = a bar of soap

•rice (½ c.) = an ice cream scoop

•potato = a computer mouse

•dinner roll = a yo-yo

•butter (1 tsp.) = a Scrabble tile

•fruit (1 c.) = a tennis ball

•cooked pasta (½ c.) = a golf ball

•fish (3 oz.) = a checkbook

•poultry (3 oz.) = a deck of playing cards (or the size of your palm)
Good luck! :)


Anonymous said...

a golfball sized portion of cooked pasta...? is this a typo? i'm skinny but i'd be starving even after three "portions" of that.

Rachel said...

Pasta is SUPER dense with carbs. Remember you need a lot of grains in your day - so most people have more than 1 serving at a time :)

Eve said...

Hi Rachel,

Can I have a question? I think it´s really nice and helpful, but - these size portions you have from nutritionist or this is just your own experience with food?

Thank you and have a wonderful day.;)

Hamutal said...

I'm also using those portion sizes images daily and find them helpfull.

some time ago i came across a portion sizes list on this site that can help complete your list: :)


in the muddle of the page there is a "Wallet Size Portion Guide" that you can downloud and print.

hope you'll find it helpfull as well....

Anonymous said...

If I ate according to some of these portions, I'd lose weight, starving along the way.

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