Saturday, August 7, 2010

Top 10 Favourite Beauty/Fashion Websites

I think 90% of my time online is spent jealously browsing gorgeous fashion blogs with a style sense I can't quite perfect, and filling online shopping baskets full of brightly coloured florals and the perfect skinny jeans.  Here are my top picks that I think you should check out!

Fashion Blogs
1. Cupcakes and Cashmere - Emily is my style idol.  Her romantic-bohemian-preppy style captures everything I love about fashion.  I have an embarrassing crush on her wardrobe. 
2. Style Scrapbook - Andy is just beautiful - with an eagle's eye for the perfect details to every outfit.  She's got a great casual style that is very wearable and chic.

3. The Recessionista - She's so much fun to read and has a ton of great promo codes to clothing sites!

Online Shopping
4. HauteLook.com - I get way too many clothes from this site.  Of all the "80% off designer's clothes" websites out there, I find this one shows the best brands at the best prices.  You need to sign up!
5. Shock Boutique - Very affordable, trendy clothes that replicate a lot of top celebrity styles. 
6. Mod Cloth - This site is constantly updated, adding new clothes almost every day.  They even have a section for cute vintage pieces.  Also very affordable prices.

7. Blog Lovin' - I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this website is, especially if you're an avid blog reader like I am.  You can search for all types of blogs here (they also show you the top ones in each category) and follow them all in one easy place.  So everytime I log in, I just a full list of all the updated posts from each blog I follow.  Brilliant!
8. Total Beauty - I never buy any makeup or hair products without first consulting this site's vast database of product reviews. 
9.  People StyleWatch - Yes I get the magazine and browse the website - i am obssessed.  Plus, have you ever checked out ShopStyle?  It's absolutely deadly for the fashionista.

Shameless Plug
10. My YouTube Channel - Yes, I went there.  I would love you all to check it out and tell me what you think!  I have loads of how-to makeup & hair tutorials, health/nutrition tips & general fun videos :) Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the website suggestions Rachel!

Could you do a blog post or video about what healthy meals you ate when in university? I'm heading off to school and the smaller budget is a little overwhelming!

Anonymous said...

wow I really like emily's blog! i've spent my whole morning reading all about her. Thanks rach <3

Anonymous said...

This blog is so helpful. Thanks a bunch <3

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