Monday, January 10, 2011

Eating Disorders: The TRUTH

I haven't set any boundaries to this blog - nor have I ruled out anything in particular in what I write about.  Although this intends to be a mainly beauty & fashion related blog, I do want to touch on topics I feel strongly about from time to time. 

Eating disorders is one of them.

If you watched my recent video (see below), you will know I launched into a fit of rage over a young man named Kenneth Tong, who has a Twitter account (and I believe a Facebook page, and soon-to-launch website) endorsing "managed" anorexia.  I was alerted to this man from a Twitter follower of mine, who indicated that I should sign a "Twitition" (get it? Like a petition, only for Twitter) to kick this man off Twitter.  His view is that women who are not a size zero, ARE a zero.  And he encourages women to skip meals in order to achieve this.

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