Monday, September 26, 2011

FINALLY! Beauty Samples for CANADIANS!

I don't know if you girls have noticed, but I've been seeing a ton of people making videos featuring companies who sell memberships to get new and exciting beauty products.  When I first saw one, I eagerly checked out their website to see that they did not ship outside of the US. Ack, us beauty-obsessed Canadians are ignored AGAIN!  Until now.

I was approached by a new company called Glymm.com.  Curious, I did my research and was thrilled with what I saw! Glymm.com is the only Canadian company to offer a monthly "beauty in a box" subscription service, and also features an online Boutique where you can buy full-sized versions of the minis you got in your beauty box!

The subscription service is what seems to be the standard $10/month or $110/year.  Each box contains 4-5 beauty samples featuring brands like Cargo, OPI, Stila, NARS, Gucci and Lise Watier.  And each sample is chosen for you based on your unique skin type/concerns, hair texture, age and even your beauty style preferences.  Pretty cool huh?  That way you'll actually use the samples you get!

Glymm generously offered to send me a box of beauty goodies, so of course I had to ask if I could sneak some fabulous loot for you girls too!  Lucky for me, they were all for it so stay tuned to see the big reveal and a fun giveaway!

Have you girls tried Glymm.com?  If so, what are your thoughts on it?  Or even on the whole "beauty sample box" trend that's been going on?


hulachic said...

I've also really wanted to try out these sample boxes. I found Luxebox, which also only ships to Canada. Check out my blogpost here:

But this sample box looks really cool too! I definitely want to try it out!

Anonymous said...

i like glymm better than loose button (the other canadian company)

Anonymous said...

are there any websites that ships to new zealand??

Anonymous said...

What kind of stuff have you gotten so far? Is it worth it in your opinion?

Tiffany Cruz said...

Yes! I just found out about Glymm today. I've been trying to look for beauty sample boxes that ships to Canada and unfortunately everything is only within US. Glad I've come to this site and I'm thinking if I should try it out sometime soon. Let me know what you think of Glymm so far :)

I also found LuxeBox, which also ships to Canada.

TheShallenLynn said...

I just unsubscribed from LUXE box because as of June 15 they are changing their program to a quarterly delivery. Sadly it ends up being less product for more money.Its really too bad becuase I loved luxe box and their sample brands,, sad face

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