Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gossip Girl Style Guide (On A Budget)

First there was Sex and the City and now there is Gossip Girl.  The beautiful Upper East Side fashionistas inspire us every week with gorgeous tailored Chanel jackets, Valentino gowns and Miu Miu pumps.

However, I can't even afford the sole of a Miu Miu heel, let alone an entire designer wardrobe.  So here's my take on budget friendly style inspired by Serena and Blair.

Serena's Style
Outfit #1: Sequin Jacket (Forever 21); Cream Tank Top (Forever 21); Dark Skinny Jeans (Joe's Jeans); Nude Pumps (Spring Shoes)

Outfit #2: Black Sequin Shirt (Forever 21); Shorts (Forever 21); Grey Heels (Costa Blanca X); Jewelry (H&M)

Outfit #3: Jacket (Dynamite); Ruffled shirt (Forever 21); White skinny jeans (Wetseal); Pumps (Olsenboye); Earrings (gift from grandparents from Germany years ago)

Blair's Style

Outfit #1: Lace shirt (Guess); Skirt (Forever 21); Red heels; Bag (Guess)

Outfit #2: Ruffle-shouldered shirt (H&M); Grey pencil skirt (Windsor Store); Grey heels (Costa Blanca X)

Peacoat (Forever 21)

Outfit #3: Lace Jacket (Forever 21); Skirt (Forever 21); Ballet Flats ()

What do you think? How would you capture their signature style?

And be sure to check out my friend Judy's take on Blair's gorgeous waves!


Mimi said...

Wow, fantastic post! You pull of Serena and Blair so well, but my favorite looks on you are Serena....Actually "pull off is the wrong choice of words, you rock this!! Im a new follower!

Aesthetic Lounge

Raquel said...

Loooove all these outfits!!

Kim said...

Wow, good job! I love all your outfits! :)

Anonymous said...

I loove this post!! You look so pretty!! xoxo

kayeen. said...

Awesome job! :) You look like a more convincing Serena though, with your hair and all. And the nude pumps are LOVE!

Paulina Mo said...

Cute! love the budget friendly Gossip Girl looks, love that show!


Veronica said...

Love those shoes ! And you are so right about the influence of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl :)

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