Monday, October 10, 2011

Nail Polish Collection & Top 3 Polishes

I feel like a freaking queen when I have my nails painted.  My whole outlook on life is brighter, I stand taller, I'm bubbly and confident.  Er wait - was that the wine I was drinking?

I kid (I actually hate wine) but seriously, I loved have my nails painted.  I always do it myself too (I already pay $5-$11 for a bottle of nail polish... why on EARTH would I pay $40 for someone paint 1 coat on for me?!) its a nice way to relax and unwind.

So, without further adieu, I present to you... my polish collection.

I also promised you my top 3 favourite polishes of my collection, did you get guess right? :)

1. Revlon ColorStay; Top Coat (discontinued) - so disappointed to hear this top coat is off the market.  It is absolutely INCREDIBLE - my polish will not chip with this on top. My nails growing too long is what ends up ruining the manicure!

2. Essie; Clambake - Obsessed with this colour.  I actually want this as the exact accent colour for our wedding.  A beautiful, creamy red-orange with excellent colour pay-off.

buy me a cameo
3. Essie; Buy Me a Cameo - Such a sophisticated shade that is very soft and pretty.  Described as a "frosted, satin mocha".  Gorgeous.


Karen said...

I absolutely LOVE Essie polishes too! Buy Me a Cameo looks/ sounds gorgeous! I agree- painting your own nails is the way to go :)

Stop by sometime..

Anonymous said...

i love nail polishes!!! i have LOADS of essence nail polish! have you heard of it? its cheap but really good!!! your collection is beautiful!! x

Leann said...

I love nail polish too and your favorite colors are very pretty. But be very careful, doing nail polish can encourage growth to fungi according to ZetaClear's review.

Jess Makler said...

I get my polish at the dollar store.... probably not the best idea, but I can't exactly spend a fortune on nail polish so....... any advice?

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