Monday, April 2, 2012

My Full Coverage Foundation Routine

Fine, I'll admit it. I had fairly good skin through most of my teenage years. I thought I got away with it until this past year when my skin decided NOW, at 25, it would erupt into big, painful blemishes all over my face.

Fantastic.  And with about a month until my wedding, I am NOT in the mood to fiddle with a new foundation routine.

Fortunately, with a bit of patience, research and tinkering, I found a combination of products and techniques that blend the foundation so seamlessly, its like second skin.  But a fabulous, flawless second skin.

Acne is something most of us will struggle with at some point in our lives.  It's life, we suck it up and move on.  It's caused by one or all of genetics, hormones, eating & sleeping habits and cleanliness.  Everybody's skin and health is different so its important to talk to a doctor and/or dermatologist you trust to find something that's right for you.  I hope you can pick up some ideas to incorporate into your own foundation routine!

Products I Used
Cover FX ClearPrep FX Primer
Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation
Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation
L'Oreal True Match Foundation
L'Oreal MagicLumi Luminating Pen
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer
Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Concealer Stick
Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder
NYC Bronzer in Sunny 720C
BH Cosmetics Blush Palette (gifted ages ago by the company, not paid or required to include in any video)


Kay said...

I can completely relate. I was fine in my teens and then I got to my mid-twenties and BAM.....acne. I think also wedding planning stress doesn't help either! You're only a month away now and time will only fly by faster. Hold on to the seat of your pants and enjoy the ride :)

Rachel said...

You ladies should consider Arbonne! You'll notice results in 24 hours!

The RE9 Advanced line restores the pH balance in your skin, using only botanical based ingredients; NO mineral oil (derivative of gasoline), NO by products, NO waxes!!! It's swiss formulated, but made in the USA. So it adheres to the highest of the highest, standards in the industry.

I've been using Arbonne products for 6 years and have switching over to everything they offer!

Check it out... I'll never go back the mass manufactured products!


Rachel - rachelcurling@gmail.com

Colie said...

I've been using L'Bri skincare products for years. Their products are aloe based and have worked wonders for me. I still get an occasional hormonal flare-ups and I sometimes bring on flare-ups from picking (ugh) but I would absolutely recommend their products if you're interested in natural products.

I've used and loved Arbonne products in the past. I've thought about switching back but I'm too afraid to switch up my skincare routine at this point....

toyalsmith said...

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Anonymous said...

I had a lot of acne on my chin in my early twenties, it was all hormonal, I started usin Nuvaring since my periods were also very irregular and I scarcely get any pimples any more.

valeelola said...

Since I started taking the pill my hornon acne got so much better!


Anonymous said...

Do you have advice on really dark circles? They're hereditary and i've had them forever and a lot of concealers don't cover them up.

Lilpixie said...

Great post i really want to check out some of those products now

Karla Adams said...


Anonymous said...

hi were is your nail polish from?

xxdeenaxx said...

You so pretty, i have hormone acne.. and it sucks so bad that no product wants to help me at all lol =]


Irina said...

Great post! thank you for the tip! now my troubled skin finally found an answer!:) wish you can also share your fab tips at everybliss.com the latest online community where you can share your love for beauty, cosmetics & skincare! see you there!

Sarah said...

I know this is late and you've already had your wedding, but I'm 24 and found my skin was starting to get worse. So frustrating! I discovered Origins skin care products, and literally I saw a difference within 24 hours. Definitely worth a try! I started with the Pure Cream cleanser and Make a Difference Moisturizing lotion which you wipe off (apparently you're not supposed to use water when you wash your face at night because it encourages excess oil production).

Also, what is that nail polish!! Must have it =)


Katy (Ink Underwater) said...

what song was playing in the background? i absolutely loved it!

shaun Marsh said...

You make sense out of the most complex topics.
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Kim said...

You're so pretty! Totally dig the eye shadow colors.

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