Friday, July 13, 2012

My Flawless Foundation Routine: Stays ALL DAY!

I've tried dozens of foundations.  DOZENS.  I've tried primers, concealers, specific moisturizers, BB creams.  I've tried combinations of the above, both in products applied together and the order in which they are applied.  I've tried $7 foundations and $60 foundations.

This is by FAR the BEST combination of products I have EVER USED.  My face stays matte-but-dewy ALL DAY, the foundation stays put through anything and it blurs out all the big pores and acne/scars.


Click below to see how I did it!

Products & Brushes I Used

Cover FX ClearPrep

NARS Orgasm blush
Sedona Lace Tulip Brush

Benefit High Beam
Sedona Lace Fan Brush


Geraldine said...

Your skin looks awesome! I find my favourite foundation as well and I'm really really happy about the products I use right now.


Amanda said...

Thank you so much for this video and post! I have very similar skin to yours and honestly I never would have known it, you always look so flawless! I have been searching for so long for the right foundation and will have to give the Double Wear a try!

shaun Marsh said...

No wonder why you get so many feedbacks
best foundation for acne

glidingcalm said...

thank you for this video!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this video, you are truly amazing and beautiful!
I have a question though, I'm kind of on a budget, so what would you say the most essential things are for this list that would total up to less than $150? I can't get all of these, so which ones would you say are the essentials?

Ashley said...

Hi Rachel, do you use all the primers at the same time? Do you mix them together? Or do you just pick one? I was really wondering about that portion of the video. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel, I am so excited to have found your video. I have gone through and caught up on all your youtube videos. You have the same type of skin and hair as I do, so its great to learn from all of your info. I went out today and bought all the products you listed here except the highlight and bronzer since I still have some of my other brands left. I am so excited to try it. Hopefully it will look as good as your's does. You look beautiful, girl!

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