Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bright Eyes: Look Awake for Work or School!

Metallics have been all over the runways for Fall 2012.  From subtle gold wash to intense bronze smokey eyes, I feel like I keep pinning these gorgeous metallic looks and thought I should probably just start experimenting with my own take on this gorgeous trend!

This look is probably one of my favourites. My eyes are naturally a bit smaller so this really opens up the eye and even makes me look more awake!! On top of it all - I used mostly all drugstore products!

Products I Used


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Svetlana said...

Love all your videos! I follow you <3

Anonymous said...


Hey there :)
I looked to see if you had an email address but I couldn't find one. I'm a 14 year old British girl and I am beginning to get really conscious of my body. I'm skinny, just like you, and always have been. I eat a tonne though, and my friends sometimes laugh at me. However, I get called for being skinny (anorexic, scrawny, legs will snap etcc...) and sometimes even my friends call me. They say they're joking but it doesn't mean it doesn't bother me :( I just feel like I can't pick something out of my wardrobe or walk out the door without thinking if I will look too skinny. The most annoying thing is when I complain and people tell me to 'just eat then'. As if it was so simple. I EAT SO MUCH. Honestly, watching your videos and seeing how confident and happy and GENUINELY BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY AND LOVELY you look makes me feel happier in my own skin! But if you could PLEASE post a SUPER-QUICK reply just to give me some advice on how to handle the haters and how to embrace what I have because at the moment...I ain't getting any bigger! Thankyou, I love you so much :) xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

what are you wearing on your nails? :)

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