Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Love It: Envelope Clutches

Just a few weeks ago I was shopping with my friend Lynsey at an outlet mall and came across a stunning Michael Kors crocodile envelope clutch.  It was STUNNNINNNGGGG. I thought I would find it online and... nothing.  I will never forgive myself for not buying it.  BUT in my desperate hunt to find it, I did find these four beautiful bags that I'm obsessing over.

#Postit: What's your favourite can't-live-without-it bag?

1. ASOS Slot Through Envelope Clutch - $35.01
2. Tory Burch Robinson Envelope Clutch - $345
3. ASOS Side Metal Bar Clutch - $12.25
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Clutch - $355


KrystennMarie said...

These are adorable! I think it may be my standard crossover. As a college student its nice to have a cross body purse to keep my hands free and have my backpack and if im walking from my apartment to campus I dont have to worry about it getting lifted.

Hank hendricks said...

it was just stunning...I like it and thanks for sharing.
Gift Card envelopes

Plastic cards said...

Adorable envelopes, that increases the worth of the card....

Brooke said...

All are cute!

Luv the Tory!



Ellie said...

I love the Marc Jacobs bag, I've always wanted a cream-colored bag! I'm traveling a lot at the moment, so my favorite bag is probably the Longchamp "Planetes" tote because it fits everything I need inside!

x Ellie

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