Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Impressions: 6 Burgundy Lipsticks

It's been all over the runways this fall 2012: burgundy, plum, vampy reds... and I was determined to figure out the best ways to pull them off.  It's such a bold statement and a great way to accessorize a look.  So here we go: after testing out 6 different shades (all drugstore finds!) here are the results... good, bad and ugly.

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Great formula, super smooth on the lips with great colour pay-off
Colour: true plum

Love the formula, super rich and moisturizing without being thick
Colour: a bright, rose-plum - much more red than I expected

I adore these lipsticks - I have a ton of them! Very inexpensive but super-rich formula and great colour pay-off
Colour: classic deep plum-burgundy

Very pigmented formula, can be tricky to apply because of this!
Colour: very orange-red - not at all the colour it advertised (still lovely though!)

Wanted to love this, but the formula is so streaky and difficult to work with
Colour: true to the same, a warm bordeaux wine colour

Super wearable shade, very soft and pretty!  A bit of a chemical-like smell to it
Colour: soft mauve


CurrentLovesByNe said...

The wet n' wild lipstick it's amazing!
All beautiful colors, and perfect for Fall :)



Katherine said...

I love the Kate moss one. I have been itching to try it. Enjoyed the video too!

Natalie said...

Great colours for the fall! I really want to try some from the Kate Moss collection! :)

SunshineCitizen said...

Great review! I am in love with burgundy lipstick for fall! How long would you say the L'Oreal Infallible - Persistent Plum lasts on the lips?

AlinaLoves said...

A burgundy lipstick is on my shopping list! These shades are beautiful, they look so great on you! Did you use anything to line you lips beforehand?

Javiera henriquez said...

Great tones! i looove them all...
this look perfect on you! i totally want ti try some of this!

have a nice day!


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