Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Special Announcement

Happy New Year!  2012 was a year of incredible highs and lows - I feel like I just got off a rollercoaster and my head is still spinning.  But just like every year, I feel the placebo effect on January 1st: the promise of a fresh start and that sudden rush of motivation & determination.  Here's my start to the new year... and I wanted to share it with all of you!  I'm starting a new channel called RachhLovesLife, which is house all my future vlogs, travel videos, bloopers, tag videos unrelated to beauty, perhaps even future pregnancy vlogs... ;)

As a thank you for supporting me and subscribing to my new channel, I wanted to share two things with you!

#1: a fun Christmas vlog! (see my announcement video if you want a taste of what my crazy hilarious family)

#2: a GIVEAWAY!! Just a fun little something to thank you for all your support & love over the years and checking out our new edition to the RachhLoves fam :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


roxane deschenes said...

Thank you for this giveaway :)
I fallowed, loved, and aswered all the question <3

Cindy said...

Thanks, Rachel! :)

Dani B. said...

Your so sweet :) Thanx for the Giveaway! I love doing them as much as Id love it win! :)

perfumehk said...

So pretty, love your post.
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Julia Brouillette said...

Please read my review on Urban Decay's NAKED Skin foundation! :) http://dermlove.wordpress.com/2013/01/18/urban-decays-naked-skin-foundation-review/

vabna islam said...

Your Blogger is very good. I am very interested for this. Friendship and Love site I like very much.

Sarah LeBlanc said...

I so love your blog :) thanks for all you give back, very sweet!

jstar3297 said...

I'm a huge fan of your blogs and I was wondering if you would check out my blogs! I currently have two.
One about my life and day in general: http://jstar3297.blogspot.com/

And one about love: http://jstar3297love.blogspot.com/

I want to start one about makeup also! Iwould really appreciate it if you tell me what you think!


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Anonymous said...

Rachel I love you so much, congratulations on the pregnancy, you seriously deserve to be happy, you are one of the nicest people on this planet!
I would just like to ask you a quick question about growing up...you see, I'm 15 and I am super skinny, always have been, probably always will be. I get hated for it a lot, getting called 'anorexic', 'legs will snap', 'bag of bones' etc...but all my friends and family know that I actually eat MORE than them! Anyways, unfortunately being naturally skinny comes with the burdon of the lack of bum, hips and boobs. I just wondered at what age you properly developed boobs and curves, because I thought I would have by now, but I haven't, and all my friends have! Lads at my school make it pretty clear that they are interested in ANY GIRL who has a bum, reasonable sized boobs and a curvy body - not some pathetic stick insect like me :( It's been getting me down lately, and I'm really self-conscious of my body. Prom is coming up next year and I was hoping to have curves by then but it looks unlikely. I want to feel confident and beautiful for prom, but if I'm just a twig in a dress, I know that I won't :( Any advice? Thanks<3

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